CAUTION: Don’t Blog While Sleep Deprived

Hello Book Lovelies,

You may notice things are a bit different around here *looks around awkwardly* The original blog is pretty much gone.

There was a horrific demon attack right as I was editing the blog and BAM! Everything was sucked into a portal and lost in limbo forever. Okay, what actually happened wasn’t that exciting but it sounds a heck of a lot better then the truth.

I accidentally deleted most of the blog.


Most of you know my Mom has been battling Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer for over a year and 1/2 now. That’s meant a lot of time in and out of hospitals. This year we’ve spent A LOT of time there unfortunately. These past two months she’s been in and out of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and then back again. I’ve been running on little to no sleep and it’s been affecting everything I do.

I’ve become Lara Jean Song Covey when it comes to driving, minus the gorgeous Peter K. I’ve been so sleep deprived that I can’t drive without feeling like I’m going to fall asleep or get in some type of accident. I’m anxious to get behind the wheel and that has never been a thing before.

The logical solution would be just to sleep and get right with the world again. Sometimes though life doesn’t work out that way. You have to keep going and being strong no matter what. Well, I managed to go 24 hours without sleep the other day and it definitely is not advisable.

I got a little bit of sleep after that craziness and then decided while I was caring for my Mom I would work on the blog.

What was I thinking???

I made a backup of the blog first, just in case, and lonnnnnnggg story short I made stupid moves and couldn’t seem to get them fixed. When I attempted to restore from my backup I couldn’t find it anywhere. The blog now only shows posts from this time last year. So I may add those to this just to keep the older content alive, but it’s very sad.

However, I’m trying to turn this into a good thing. A fresh start. So welcome to Happy Lil Book Nook Blog v.2 and it’s Fall themed which makes me happy. Don’t you just love Fall?

And did you know?

You can also find me over at The Pages We Love. I blog there too and it’s the best place for YA news and content. Don’t miss it.

Until next time Book Lovelies (which will be soon), Happy Reading!!! <3

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