One Day Book Blitz: $25 USD

A one day book blitz is a great option for anyone looking to gain some exposure for their book that has already been released. For example, let’s say you decide to do a promotion and sell your book for $0.99 or you want to give it away for free. The book blitz allows you to spread the word to other book bloggers, reviews..etc. I will send out an invite to my list of tour hosts, as well as, contact other bloggers, who enjoy reading your genre, to get as many bloggers participating as possible. Bloggers will share the book cover, synopsis, purchase links, author bio & photo (if available), as well as, an excerpt from the book. The excerpt is optional and does not have to be provided but definitely helps in gaining interest for your story. If you would like to host a giveaway for the book, I will set up a Giveaway Widget that bloggers will post, along with the other content mentioned before.

Release Day Launch: $35 USD

Congratulations on your book release!! YAY! This is a great option when you want to promote your book on the day it’s released. Bloggers who participate will share a promotional post of your book and be given the option to review your book as well. If you want to add a giveaway to your launch, please let me know, as I will set that up for you.

One Week Blog Tour: $50 USD

Are you looking to get a huge boost for your book? Want to truly get readers interested in your characters and story? If you answered yes, this is a great option for you. For seven days content will be shared through various book bloggers & reviewers (that are specific to your genre). Content that is shared would include, but no limited to, a book playlist, author/character interviews, guest posts available to bloggers…etc. We can discuss ideas and brainstorm what will be best for your novel. It is recommended to start by providing review copies (they can be digital) to participants to help get them excited about your story. As always, if you want to host a giveaway, we will set that up as well. This is a great option to get readers directed to your website or social media outlets and begin building your reader base.

Two Week Blog Tour: $75 USD

A two week blog tour is exactly the same as the one week blog tour, except that it last for 10 days. Over those 10 days book bloggers will be generating attention to your website, social media, and to your book. Most book bloggers share the content over all their social media platforms which gets you even more exposure.

Cover Reveal: $25 USD

Let’s face it, everyone loves a beautiful cover. Get readers excited about your upcoming novel by setting up a cover reveal. I will organise several blogs and book related Facebook pages to reveal your new book cover on the day you choose. Included with the book cover will be an author bio and synopsis. Goodreads and pre-order links and excerpt will also be added, if available.

EPK (Electronic Press Kit): $80 USD

An Electronic Press Kit is an amazing way to present who you are as an author, as well as, what your book is about. The EPK will consist of 2-5 pages and feature an author bio, synopsis or excerpt from your book, book cover, other works you have written…etc. These are fully customizable and are perfect to send out to the press or book conventions when you are looking to get connected and make your mark.

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Press Release: $25 USD

Everyone needs to get the word out about who they are and what they have created. The press release is a one page document that you will be able to send out to press organizations, post on blogs, and use when being considered to speak at book conventions. We will discuss the content prior to it being written up and make sure it is specific to your project and allows you to shine through as the unique writer that you are.