When authors have books they want to promote or gain attention for they (or their publisher) contacts me to discuss options of sharing their books with readers, like you. The Blog/Bookstagram tours are a virtual tour across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs. There are multiple stops along the tour, just like a normal book tour would be scheduled and those people signed up to participate are responsible for posting content related to that book on their tour date. Depending on whether you post reviews to a blog or your Bookstagram account will vary how the content is shared, but ultimately the premise is the same.
I know that life is busy and running a successful blog is a lot of hard work. Sometimes the thought of signing up to be apart of a blog tour seems daunting and overwhelming but truthfully it’s pretty easy. Here is how it works and what would be expected…
•When a new tour is being scheduled you will be invited to join the tour.
•Once you accept the invitation, details will be sent to you regarding more specific details and asking which day you would like to make your post for the tour stop. You will also be asked for details on where your copy of the book provided can be sent.
•About a day before the tour begins you will receive a “media kit” that has all the details you will need to include in the post. All you have to do is copy and paste the content onto your blog. Photos will be provided for Bookstagram accounts if needed. Giveaways are usually included in all blog tours organised and that will be prepared in the post for you as well.
•If you choose to go a step beyond and would like to review a book or interview the author, then you will be required to post your review by the date specified or have organised the details of your interview/extra post before your tour date.
•Other requirements would be making sure to tag the publisher/author in your posts so that they can see all your hard work. You will also be required to comply with FTC requirements by including in your posts that you received a copy of the book or free in exchange for promotion or review.
The number of tour stops will depend on the length of the tour. Everyone is welcome to sign up and join, as decisions are based on a first come, first serve basis. Those who sign up first will get chosen first until spots fill up. You are not required to have a certain amount of followers or page views to be apart of the tours. Spread the word if you have bookish friends who would love to be apart of this.
If you are interested please click here to fill out the sign up form and you will be contacted once the next tour is scheduled.
This is a great chance to gain exposure for your account, gain followers, and have a great time doing what we love to do…READ & TALK ABOUT BOOKS!!!